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Our company is one diverse business solution offering group of entities. We work with change-oriented businesses to help them make better decisions, while they maintain growth as well.

We support businesses on their most critical issues, opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization. Call us 24/7.We can answer for All your question

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What We Offer for You

We make businesses to be technology sarvvy and ensure we are technology enablers

IT Support Services

We specialise in different types of ICT support services: Network Support, Software Support, Hardware Support, Telephony Support & ICT Audit

Multimedia Services

We target the mass market, re-inforce the availability of the brand, provide the retailer with proof of advertising support, reach markets no other advertising medium can, visibility & also build brand loyalty

Industrial Device Support

We install and maintain Sirens, school and industrial intercoms, office and private device timers


Why Should You Choose Us ?

We provide innovative solutions that drive your business forward. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver cutting-edge technologies tailored to your needs. Our team's expertise ensures efficient and reliable ICT services, empowering your organization to thrive in the digital landscape. Trust Focalbiz for a future-ready and competitive edge.

We excels in providing unparalleled IT services, offering personalized solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our dedicated team ensures seamless integration, optimal performance, and proactive support, guaranteeing a smooth technological experience. With Focalbiz, you gain a trusted partner committed to maximizing your IT infrastructure for sustained success.

We stands out in delivering exceptional Multimedia Services tailored to elevate your brand. Our creative experts craft visually stunning content, ensuring a captivating audience experience. From dynamic videos to engaging graphics, Focalbiz prioritizes innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, positioning your multimedia presence for optimal impact and success.

We excels in Industrial Device Services, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and seamless integration for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Phillip Qhina

Co-founder of Company

Diversity of experiencesThomas taught at the hebrew

Kgosietsile Wesi

Company Manager

Diversity of experiencesThomas taught at the hebrew

Doris Qhina

Finance Manager

Diversity of experiencesThomas taught at the hebrew


Our Latest Insights

We empower companies by enhancing efficiency, and streamlining operations. We also ensures a resilient infrastructure support to clients. Overall, we understand IT is backbone of modern business, catalyzing growth and competitiveness.


The benefits go beyond just support you business


Value is not just realised by us working alone


After sale followup support is key to our business